One unneutered cat can produce 20,000 descendants in five years

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I read the article entitled ‘Cat shelter forced to turn away kittens’ (Spalding Guardian, July 26), and noticed it mentioned that the shelter was a ‘Cats Protection-run shelter in Moulton Chapel’.

I’d like to clear up any confusion as the shelter in question – Moulton Chapel Cat Shelter – is not part of Cats Protection.

Cats Protection has a volunteer-run branch in the town (Cats Protection’s Spalding and District branch) and it is currently full to bursting looking after 20 unwanted cats and kittens, with another 20 on its waiting list.

They are unable to take in any more unwanted cats until they find homes for the cats they have, so I would urge anyone thinking of adopting a cat to contact them as soon as possible.

I’d also appeal to cat owners to get their cats neutered if they have not done so already.

Just one unneutered female cat can produce up to 18 offspring in one year, or 20,000 descendants in five years, so neutering will help to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the Spalding area needing homes.

The branch can also offer assistance with the costs of neutering a pet cat to owners on limited incomes.

To adopt a cat, or seek further advice on neutering, please call the branch on 01775 725 661 or visit their website at

Mandy Hill

Head of Operations,

North and Midlands

Cats Protection