OLYMPIC MOSAIC: Art deserves better than toilet wall

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After reading Chrissie Redford’s report in this Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press (regarding the decision by the Spalding Town Forum to locate a mosaic on the toilet facility wall in the Sheep Market Spalding).

I sympathize with the torch bearer, Amanda Scase, who was upset by the decision and thought that the mosaic, which was designed by local artist Fiona Gurney as a lasting legacy of the Olympic Torch Relay through South Holland, was worthy of a more suitable location.

For such an impressive piece of art I think it is totally obscene to have it hung on the back of a toilet block that sits so close to a busy road and in such a poor location that it would make it difficult for the public to even pause for a look as they lock their cycles up.

A more suitable location would be in the beautiful Ayscoughfee Gardens, where people would be more relaxed to look and admire the art work involved in the creation of the mosaic.

Or why not consider putting the piece on the front of the South Holland Centre as this is more suitable for the pedestrian area in the Market Place and has a greater footfall.

Another possibility would be if one of our churches would like to display it as a more permanent feature to commemorate the Torch Relay through our town in the heart of Lincolnshire.

I do understand that the Spalding Town Forum gave serious and lengthy consideration to the issue of the location and were keen to see it placed where it would be enjoyed

by as many people possible, but I would urge the members to sit down and reconsider their decision for the benefit of the people of Spalding.

This lovely piece of art deserves so much more than a toilet wall to be viewed upon.

Rodney Sadd