Old pub would make a great green space

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I am surprised that the concept of a “green space” on the now-derelict Bull & Monkie site in Churchgate has not been proposed by by our civic leaders.

To create a green space on this site will preserve for ever the view of the church from the town centre side of the High Bridge.

It will provide an ideal spot for people to relax and enjoy the views of the river, the terrace and, of course, the vista of the church and parts of Ayscoughfee Gardens.

I suggest that our glorious leaders and the developers put some money in the pot and purchase the site for the people of the town... just a thought.

Also, are we, the people of Spalding, due to receive monies from the sale of our hospital, the Johnson Hospital?

With the addition of compensation for the possible development of the people’s Sir Halley Stewart Field we should have enough to purchase the site for the people of Spalding... any shortfall could come from the expenses pot of council members.

Mick Papworth

Cley Drive