‘Nul points’ to Highways for yet more roadworks

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Congratulations to Lincolnshire Highways for successfully managing to annoy the highest number of local residents and local businesses in one go by allowing roadworks on almost every road in the locality.

In the old days I remember playing “eye spy”. Now this has been replaced with “count the cones” or “spot the hi-vis jacket”.

Residents and businesses have lost so much time and money with the hold-ups, along with the poor weather. It will certainly be a summer to forget for us all.

Whilst we wait in the queues admiring the waterlogged fields, waiting for the green light to appear, our European counterparts speed along their wide, well-maintained autobahns as they are repaired overnight, when no-one uses them.

Maybe the contractors over here should take a leaf out of their book, purchase some lights and make everyone happy by doing the same.

Vorsprung durch technik... or rather, “nul points”.

J W Kinder

JWK Electrical