Nuisance of pavement cyclists

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I take on board what PEDALS chairman David Jones says about backing into the driveway so I am able to see clearly, but where does it say in the Highway Code that cyclists have the right to ignore traffic lights, give ways or stop sign? Or ride on the pavement down a one-way street the wrong way?

I can tolerate youngsters riding on the pavement on the way home from school, for example, with their parents cycling with them. But the parents should be teaching their children the Highway Code by cycling on the road beside them and stopping at the lights and give ways.

This is a small town, not a bustling city with cars nose to tail. Occasionally at peak times some roads get busy but most of the time the traffic is minimal yet cyclists still ride on the pavement. It seems we have nowhere to walk in safety any more.

This problem seems to be caused partly by the council putting a couple of strips of cycle lanes running a couple of hundred yards then coming to an abrupt end – Pinchbeck Road for example down one side of the road but not the other. It veers off down West Elloe Avenue.

So continuing towards Pinchbeck there is no cycle path until after the new hospital.

I think the council need to take more care when implementing something new like cycle paths and get it right.

And cyclists need to remember the pavement is for pedestrians, take care when cycling on them and give way to pedestrians.

Mr N Bingham

Park Road, Spalding