Now let’s just choose best candidate

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Like Peter Bird (Readers’ View, October 25) I too had some initial misgivings about whether we wanted a Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire but we are now faced with an election and, regardless of personal views, an elected commissioner we will have.

That being so, it is essential that we elect the best candidate for this important appointment and I had hoped to receive pamphlets from each of the candidates; to date I have only had an election address from Richard Davies, the Conservative candidate. I wrote to Mr Davies and asked what personal qualities/background he had that made him the best candidate for this appointment. He replied as follows:

1. After school (King’s Grammar, Grantham) he joined the Royal Navy as a weapons support officer.

2. Worked in the USA as an Information Consultant.

3. Returned to Lincolnshire and set up an ICT business.

4. Co-founded ‘LearnLog’ developing mobile applications for education.

5. Elected to Lincolnshire County Council and chairs the Highways, Transport and Technology Scrutiny Committee.

6. Three years’ service on Lincolnshire Police Authority and served as lead member for Protective Services.

7. Experience on local committees in parish and district councils.

This personal resume gives a greater insight into the qualities of leadership, management and business acumen essential for this appointment. I am unable to comment on any of the other candidates as I have not received any information from them.

I hope the new commissioner, whoever he might be, will have similar experience in leadership, management, business and public service.

RCP Cowan