Not Spalding any more

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REGARDING immigrants opening shops in Spalding, there seems to be no point in saying anything about these people as the government, judges and human rights do-gooders all seem to be on their side.

As for the police saying they are satisfied with this new store – that is out of order.

What are they doing for us other than filling empty shops? They are bringing all their own goods from Eastern Europe.

When I do come into town I now feel I just want to do what I have to and get out as quick as possible. Spalding is not Spalding any more.

Just one other point. How come this Government is telling all us OAPs that we have to pay more for our keep – and yet these people can come into this country and get full benefits straight away?

I have just read in a national newspaper about a migrant that has got housing benefits of £23,575.

I never got thiswhen I was in full-time work, doing 12-hour shifts.

I was never out of work as I did any job to keep my home and my family fed and clothed, and paid all the bills.

All I have seen in the last 30 years is this country being sold down the river. What a waste of two wars and life.

Malcolm Manning

Low Road