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I would just like to add a few observations to the ‘We’ve Had Enough’ campaign.

It is not just the town centre, also the outlying districts as well. When I first came here two years ago Spalding was a very clean and nice town, now it is getting very dirty with rubbish all over, littering the streets.

Also I, along with many other people, see many things going on as you go about your day-to-day jobs.

How is it the police never seem to be about to see these same things?

It doesn’t take long to drive around Spalding, or do they turn a blind eye to what is going on.

I left Boston for the same reasons, now it is getting as bad here and it is just not the foreign people, we have plenty of rubbish of our own doing anti-social behaviour.

Why do we not stop these idiots that ride around day and night, with windows open blasting loud music just to annoy?


May Blossom Walk