NOSTALGIA: Remembering the conquest of Mount Everest

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Last week marked the 60th anniversary of the conquest of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary with his Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay.

It all happened on May 29 1953 at 11.30am. The news didn’t arrive here until the morning of the Queen’s Coronation, and I can well remember as I was travelling on the London underground heading towards Buckingham Palace, seeing newspapers with the headlines Everest Conquerd. It was said that the news was held back to coincide with the Coronation. Whether that was true I don’t know but it certainly added excitement to that special day.

I’m certainly very proud of the fact that I was there on that day and be part of it one way or another, a once in a lifetime I suppose.

I’m afraid we shall have to wait a long while yet for another Coronation although I always said I would attend Prince Charles’ Coronation, I shall have to wait and see.

I hope you found that interesting but I will say one thing, all that happened 60 years ago and yet it feels like only yesterday. Time does fly.

Thomas (Taffy) Edwards

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