No political influence

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I write to respond to Mr Scarlett’s request in the Guardian that candidates declare how they are being funded in the elections.

Mr Scarlett is concerned about influence. I will not be under the influence of a political party which will have helped me get elected and assisted in funding and supporting my campaign. I will be able to put the interest of Lincolnshire first.

Candidates are allowed to spend up to £100,000 on these elections. I am opposed to that because I believe that such substantial fundraising has the capacity to distort electoral process and corrupt elections or those who get elected.

I do not believe that public posts should be bought or sold and indeed it is the issue of funding of political parties which has brought so much of our political life into disrepute.

I am therefore fighting my campaign without taking a single penny from anybody; instead I am relying upon volunteers and like-minded people to help me with my campaign in terms of IT, publicity, leafleting etc. I deplore American-style campaigning driven by money.

Mr Scarlett refers to Mervyn Barratt’s donors expressing some concerns. I can therefore assure readers that I have no such donors and unlike Mr Barrett I do not have a Special Adviser who has run American election campaigns and set up an organisation to raise money to support candidates there. Also unlike Mervyn Barrett my campaign is not supported from an office in central London and nor have I advertised for interns to work with “USA-based... consultants”.

The electorate of Lincolnshire can be sure that there is no suspicion of hidden agendas behind my campaign or its funding and if they would like to help stop politicians running policing they can contact me through my website

It is right to explore the background and motives of those standing and the electorate should expect them to be completely open and honest. I welcome Mr Scarlett’s intervention.

David Bowles

Commissioner candidate