No continuity of care as I’ve never seen my own doctor

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Neil Bingham has, I think, opened a real can of worms in respect to GP access.

I have never seen my own doctor, much less had an appointment with her.

My wife saw her once, at which time she proposed a particular course of treatment, that she would start after she saw my wife again, “in four weeks”. That was a year ago.

She has not been able to see her since. She had an appointment made for four weeks later, but it was cancelled.

I have a long-term chronic lung condition. I am not allowed to see the same doctor twice, because they are not my “own doctor” (who is still off on leave).

So I have no continuity of care. Half of my next appointment is spent reading my notes, because I am unknown to whichever locum (or registrar?) I am sent to.

Why does the surgery keep on referring me to somebody I have never seen, and who has not been available to treat me for months and months as “my own doctor”?

I just wish I could get an answer to that question.

James Cassidy