No compassion, no care and no love from Social Services staff

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My sister and I watched in horror as staff from Social Services descended on Maria Helena Care Home.

We listened as clip board-waving people asked dementia-suffering residents: “Where would you like to go?”

They didn’t understand a word and many couldn’t give an answer.

No care, compassion or love that these elderly people normally receive from the finest carers in the land.

Our father lay minutes away from dying when, complete with aforementioned clip board, a woman barged in his room, didn’t knock or even speak to us. She exited the room quicker than she had entered when she was told: “He’s self funding.”

We have always considered it a privilege that our father spent the last five years and our mother the last three years of their lives being loved and cared for by ALL the staff and Isabel and Jaswant Beeharry.

I hope those clip board-bearing staff from Social Services sleep easy in their beds and never need a care home for their parents because they have forced the closure of a wonderful care home.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to ALL the staff that looked after our parents, other residents and us so fantastically well. We could not have endured the last five years without them.

Jayne Dean


PS: Mother died on May 24 and dad June 7.