NHS: Let’s make our hospital even better!

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Since last Friday, returning from an appointment at the Johnson Community Hospital, I feel the need to put pen to paper.

A few weeks ago I received a letter for a routine check-up at the breast surgery clinic which I have attended for the last three years at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.

To my surprise, I noticed that the appointment was held at the Johnson Community Hospital – how wonderful that is!

I can avoid the dreaded journey to Boston, getting worked up searching for a parking space, at times waiting endlessly to be seen by a very busy consultant.

The whole process used to take hours, to which one must add petrol and parking fee.

Last Friday within a few minutes from my home I arrived at the Johnson, sat in a bright and modern waiting room, was seen on time by my consultant Mr Abdel- Rahman and his assistant and in less than 45 minutes I was back home – simply perfect.

It seems to me that the hospital is not used to its full potential. My consultant was the only one on the list that morning with just one room occupied. How sad is that?

Also, for patients who may need transport, it will surely be much cheaper for the NHS to drive them to our local hospital.

So many facilities are on our doorstep, let’s make use of it and support it. The Pilgrim is bursting at the seams so it makes good sense to transfer Spalding outpatients to the Johnson.

Thank you to all who work at the Johnson, the staff and nurses always pleasant and cheerful without losing their professionalism. Let’s make it even better!

Lucette Preston

via email