New park ideal for druggies, graffiti, sex and dog mess

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Plans to create a town garden in Victoria Street car park seem like more lunacy from the council that fooled everyone into believing that the Red Lion Quarter was to be a great asset for the town.

This cost the tax payers more than what was generated, only to be sold to Boston College for an “undisclosed” figure. Now they want us to believe that the town garden idea is going to cure all the problems of the ailing town centre.

The new Halley Stewart Fiedl development will take more footfall out of the town, so who would go to the new gardens anyway?

As I understand it, Ayscoughfee Hall and Gardens were bought on behalf of the people of Spalding as a memorial of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. With all of the refurbishments that the museum and gardens have undergone over the last few recent years, surely this is an ample garden for all to enjoy?

A donation from the same developer (Corbo) to slap some paint on the water tower should not make their development of the Halley Stewart field look more attractive nor does it justify the loss of a used and needed pay and display car park.

I am sure the revenue from Victoria Street car park is very useful for the council coffers, but let’s not forget the benefits of the new garden. There will surely be benches for the lovers, sheltered areas for the drinkers, drug takers, graffiti artists, beautiful grass for the dog fouling and litter louts just to mention a few of the attractions.

Oh... and don’t forget the spectacular views of the dirty, dingy, derelict-looking BT building. Perhaps the developer will also make the same donation to BT – there might be some paint left over from the water tower job. Let’s hope it’s elephant-coloured (white).

With Anglian Water and BT making substantial profits, they could and should be made to maintain their own property.

So why not put the paint donation towards something more useful for the town, like installing some gates at either end of Spalding town centre and lock it up. Oh and don’t forget the signs “Closed due to lack of interest!” – from the council.

The councillors need to look at the regeneration of the town centre as a whole, to include the Johnson Hospital, which still stands unutilised and falling into disrepair, and the empty retail units, particularly the old Curry’s store which after the impressive refurbishment, now sits empty.

John Doyle

Welbeck Drive