Neighbours made me ill and my life a nightmare

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Having read the letters regarding immigration I feel I must put pen to paper.

Spalding born and bred for over 65 years I have seen the downward spiral of our market town due to immigrants doing as they like.

Having lived at my present address over 40 years, life for me now has become a nightmare.

First I had to put a gate up at the side of my house (never needed one before) to stop drunken foreigners lying under my window to sleep off the drink.

I now have foreign neighbours living on both sides of me; the ones that are adjoining my house really are neighbours from hell.

Despite numerous telephone complaints to the council and two noise recordings taken by them and also letters sent to the neighbours by the council (which they claim they did not receive) and visits from the police (they don’t answer the door) still nothing has been done.

Their constant door banging, shouting, running up and down stairs (no carpet on stairs) all hours of the day and night.

The woman often upsets their small child by yelling at it loudly (you can hear her all over the house yelling, there’s no escape from the noise), making the child scream and sob.

You can hear the child (about four years old) from about 9.15am and can still hear her until 11.30pm and sometimes 2am.

It certainly makes it a long, nerve-racking day, never knowing when the next outburst will take place, as it surely will.

I had to see a doctor for the first time in over 40 years, and now I am on medication (the doctor has also written to the council with concerns about my health).

It seems English people have no rights, they all belong to foreigners.

I have never been racist before but I now know what it feels like.

No-one in authority will do anything about my situation – they just talk, talk and talk.

To councillors, police, MPs and anyone who was elected by the people of Spalding to serve our town and local areas it’s time to get off your butt, stand up and be counted.

Where is your backbone?