‘Name calling is just jealous children who can’t behave well enough to earn golden award’

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My daughter has been a recipient of the Golden Cloud award at Spalding Primary School for the last two years (‘Golden Kids Controversy, Free Press, May 15).

It is something she strives for and she wears her golden shirt with pride. She won’t even let me buy her the normal green and white summer dress as it is not “golden cloud award colours”.

Yes, she gets called teacher’s pet and so on but it does not bother her. In her words: “I go to school to learn and to do my best, I don’t listen to the name calling as it means nothing, just jealous children who can’t behave well enough to earn the award.”

As a parent I am incredibly proud of my daughter’s behaviour at school and I think it’s fantastic that she is rewarded for her hard work. I praise Spalding Primary and Mrs Scott for introducing this.

I respect each parent’s opinion on the way the school is run and every parent has the right to take a child out of a school they don’t feel is run correctly but to criticise the school in such a public manner was out of order. After all, this is just one parent’s view. Why did this parent only raise it now and not previously – the Golden Cloud award has been in place for quite some time now.

Sherrilee Bekker

Claudette Avenue