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I write with regard to the letter from Mr Braybrooks’ concerning the Dun Cow in Cowbit published in last week’s Spalding Guardian.

Given that I am the person responsible for the initial notices around the village I would appreciate the opportunity to respond.

My communications were certainly not “anonymous” my address and contact details being clearly discernible.

Those villagers that then took up the matter were hardly anonymous either and have operated a high profile campaign.

Regarding “market forces” it is an absurd notion that a developer by paying over the market price for a pub site then possesses a passport to whatever planning scheme he chooses.

Under both national and local planning policy a village pub enjoys a protected status.

This, however, until last week, had been overlooked in Cowbit.

The recent outcry culminating in a parish meeting has actually, in my view, brought the village and its immediate council all together as one, all feeling an injustice at the hands of South Holland District Council. The parish chairman must surely be wondering why Couns Woolf and Grocock, both members of the district council’s housing cabinet, didn’t see fit to mention their designs on the Dun Cow site as a housing scheme for as many as ten homes?

Peter Mandell

Engine Bank Farm,

Moulton Chapel