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I cannot allow the statements by Peter Breach and Susan Wilson (Letters to the Editor, Spalding Guardian, March 22) to go totally unchallenged.

What I actually said to your reporter was that the auditors did not find anything fraudulent or illegal, which I believe is true.

I do not recall using the word wrongdoing, but I suppose we are in the realms of semantics.

At the January meeting of the parish council, at Moulton Chapel the chairman Lawrence Wakefield apologised for the errors made by the council in the past in particular in relation to the finances.

I previously had said that I accept collective responsibilty for the workings of the council. I also accept that there were errors and omissions by the council over the past years.

I could give the name of the married couple who were abusive at the Moulton Park meeting but would not wish to embarrass them.

If Mr Breach thinks that all discussions between councillors and public were polite I would hate to be there when they were otherwise.

As far as I am concerned this rather sorry episode in my life is now closed.

Paul Winn