My faith restored after crash

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On Sunday, January 8 my wife and I had the misfortune to have a car accident.

The road was wet, we were going round a sharp bend on the Drawdyke road (B1165) on the way to Tydd St Mary and we went into a skid before we finally rolled into the ditch.

The car ended up on its side, passenger side down.

On realising we had came to a standstill and my wife was okay, I climbed out of the vehicle.

I knocked on the door of the nearest house and the family were very helpful.

They telephoned the emergency services and their son offered his assistance.

As we made our way to the car a van stopped to ask if I was alright.

Once I had said that my wife was stuck in the vehicle, without a second thought they stopped, put their hazards on and immediately set about rescuing my wife.

Even with the assistance of the son, we would not have got my wife out of the car without their help.

They rocked the car to free the boot lid and then gently coaxed my wife out of the rear of the vehicle across the ditch and on to a chair provided by the family.

By the time the emergency services had arrived the lads had righted the car back onto its wheels and said goodnight.

I dont even think I had time to thank them for their efforts or even realised what a significant difference they had made.

With all of the bad news about broken Britain and how people normally wouldn’t help, it is nice to say that in South Lincolnshire this isn’t the case.

Thanks to the family for their help and to the two chaps that stopped to help us.

Sadly the car is a write-off, but metal can be replaced, and we were lucky and walked away.

But if I take one thing away from the whole experience it was the help and assistance given by these two sets of individuals – it restored my faith in humanity.

Paul Johnson

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