My faith in police nosedived after I reported stolen vehicle

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My faith in our police has nosedived due to a report I made about a suspected stolen vehicle.

I saw three men park what seemed to be a stolen car as it had all the hallmarks – ie a broken steering lock among other damage and a missing tax disc.

This car was dumped on Tuesday night (last week). On Wednesday I went out to look at it and that’s when I rang the non-emergency police number.

As I was trying to get through I noticed a police van with two officers drive by.

As it’s a dead end, I thought I would inform these officers, who took a look at the vehicle. They were there about a minute then left. They did not seem interested in anything.

I saw there was a second vehicle involved in which all three men left, but they did not seem interested at all as nothing was written down nor was a statement asked for.

It is Sunday now and the vehicle is still outside my house – it is only a matter of time before it will be noticed by other criminals and vandalised or taken for a joy ride by other car thieves.

Are the police under so much pressure they simply don’t have the time to deal with issues like this?

My concern is things are getting worse as more and more people that are normally law abiding are taking advantage of minor infringements, like cycling on paths, going over traffic lights on red and criminals getting more and more brazen with the offences they would normally commit.

In turn are the police with a minimal force simply so overwhelmed they cannot cope but try to appear to the public to be able to? If this is the case, God help us.

Mr N Bingham