My boiler inefficient to heat council house and I have to use immersion

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I agree that the amount the gas/electric companies charge is horrendous and we all would like to save money if we could.

But maybe Coun Porter should look into our council homes to see what boilers we are using.

I live in a council home, my boiler is 18 years old, runs at 67 per cent efficiency and is a grade G on the table.

I still have an immersion tank so have to heat the water in advance as to when I need it.

When Gaswise came to service my boiler this year they said it was inefficient and too small to run a three-bed house efficiently but, as parts could still be bought for it, even if it went wrong they could fix it.

Having spoken to the council saying how much it costs to run the boiler and how inefficient it was I was told: “You want to be thankful you have gas and not just electric heating as that would cost you more and you’re not the only person still running on that boiler... we aren’t changing it as it works.”

So, yes I would like a cheaper supply of gas and electric Coun Porter like we all would but my gas bill would be greatly reduced if my boiler was changed for an up to date, efficient one that is suitable to run a large three-bed house.

Miss L Almond