MUSIC: Supporters do Spalding proud

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Due to the fact that most of the members of The Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding are far too young to appear at Glastonbury (I mean, Bruce Forsyth, The Rolling Stones etc....)

We wisely decided to turn down Michael Eavis’ constant invitations to headline

this year’s festival, preferring instead to perform at Ayscoughfee Gardens. What a good move that proved to be.

Just as they had done at our earlier Music in the Park appearance (June 2), the wonderful people of Spalding turned out in large numbers, covering the entire South Lawn. Yet again, the orchestra was delighted by the audience’s response to two hours of our singing and playing.

Having brought delightful weather with them, they then joined in enthusiastically, and applauded warmly all afternoon.

We play for free but accept donations at the end of performances. These donations are then divided and re-donated to local charities. The “charity pot” will now be boosted by over £300 thanks to the generosity of the lovely Spaldonians who have supported our

two Ayscoughfee gigs this June. Thank you for your encouragement and support. You do Spalding proud!

John Baguley

Ukelele Orchestra of Spalding