MUDDY ROADS: Inexcusable to dump mud on our roads

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As a local person born and living in south Lincolnshire and driving our local roads, I am pleased that something may get done about mud.

At last LRSP (Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership) and Lincolnshire police have agreed that mud on the roads IS a contributory factor to vehicles going out of control in certain conditions and are prepared to take appropriate actions.

Surely it’s no longer excusable that because we live in rural

Lincolnshire that it’s “ok to dump mud on the road” and we have put signs up to say “MUD ON THE ROAD”. Prevention has to be to the fore... how about the NFU (National Farmers’ Union) research ways of achieving this – for example: straw

matting,wood chippings, improved drainage on the headland, stop and clean road wheels with a shovel before getting onto the highways.

Should South Holland District Council play a part as part of their “cleaner, tidier south

Lincolnshire” campaign? After all they are spending money trying to promote the area and welcome more visitors to Spalding and the district.

Maybe the local press can chip in with a few pictures of roads in poor surface condition due to excessive mud build-up?

But let’s not stop there.

What about all the surface drainage that gets affected by mud and reduces the efficiency of the surface water to drain away after heavy storms, in turn creating other hazards like aquaplaning.

Road users, of all categories, the next time you use the roads observe the poor state our roads are getting into as a result of mud build-up, i.e. potholes in curb lines, restricted or blocked surface channel ducts

that carry the water to roadside drains full of mud and growing vegetation as a result of mud.

Roly Hare

via email