MUDDY ROADS: Give them all police cautions

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In my car today I had to leave the Spalding A16 Boston road because of traffic build up. I turned off from the bypass along Gosberton Bank, which I have done previously.

Both my wife and I were horrified at the state of the (B) road .

It was one sea of mud from the moment we left the bypass to just before Bank House at the junction with the old Boston road.

It is obvious that no attempt has been made by land owners or the highway department to clean it up. If anyone was driving along there, especially at night, it could result in a fatal accident.

The land owners/farmers have either themselves, or their contractors, neglected their duty to clean up.

The land owners should be given a set period to get it cleaned up and if that is ignored given a police caution. They then can sort it out who is responsible.

John Worthington