Much bigger traffic issue to be resolved

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I read with interest the many letters about the possible closure of Swan Street to traffic.

I side with the anti-closure lobby as my experiences do not indicate any significant improvements to traffic flow when the road was closed.

However, there is a much bigger issue which needs to be resolved. There is a serious lack of ‘joined-up’ thinking, as also shown by the recent Woolram Wygate road closure communications between the county and district councils and Network Rail.

I have, for many years, endured the vibrations caused by HGVs. This situation was made worse when the Spalding bypass was completed several years ago.

I appreciate that I live on a major road but the fact that it funnels traffic into a collection of junctions and traffic lights totally unsuited to the weight of traffic is a ludicrous situation.

I would advise South Holland District Council to lobby Lincolnshire County Council on the provision of phase three of the western bypass sooner rather than later.

Moving the bulk of through traffic out of the town centre would remove a lot of the congestion problems.

Mark Loosemore

West Elloe Avenue