Moulton ‘kitchen’ is now an inferno – I quit

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As a member of Moulton Parish Council I would like to reply to the letters in the Spalding Guardian of February 23. This is a personal view and in no way represents the views of Moulton Parish Council.

I became a member of the council last May and almost all the financial matters under discussion occurred before that date.

Although I accept the concept of collective responsibility what I have tried to say, possibly badly, is that I cannot know the full story of events prior to last May, and thus am not in a position to make much comment.

Further, I did not accuse Mrs Angelo of wasting time or said that she was abusive. What I actually said was that I did not mind being challenged on any matter but did not think it was necessary for members of the public to be abusive – this was in reference to a previous meeting.

One member of the public – not Mrs Angelo – said: “Do you mean me Reverend Winn?” to which I replied: “If the cap fits.”

Moulton Parish Council is unique, in that it manages a significant amount of land belonging to other people, in particular The Crown Commissioners.

This means the clerk has a much wider range of duties than clerks of most other parishes of a similar size.

The accounts are divided into those concerned with council tax and those concerned with tenanted land and their rents.

The latter part, allotments and holdings, is taken in committee because it concerns individuals and their personal business, and under the Data Protection Act cannot be put into the public domain.

Although I agree I should have known how things were divided, I did not. The accounts are presented in the way they are because of this, and there is nothing untoward carried out in the committee stage.

I put myself forward for council, thinking I could be of some use to the community.

If I had realised how confrontational some things were between some members of the public and the council I would have probably not stood.

The old saying is: “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” For me it has become an inferno, thus I am leaving the kitchen.

There is now an opportunity for one of those who are commenting from the sidelines to stand for the council.

Paul Winn