Money from developers should go to the people, not Spalding United

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So skilled and highly qualified commercial developers have promised Spalding better green open space when they build on the Sir Halley Stewart Field?

I have several questions:

1 – When did any developer give something back before taking something?

2 – Spalding United, who have paid a peppercorn rent for time immemorial, for the place left in trust for the local people of Spalding, have led the way by selflessly taking an option on cheap land somewhere else to allow the developer access to the land. Where did they get the money from? Should a single penny come from our friendly developer then I want the money back to the people of Spalding, and not to a sports club who fail at every level and offer nothing.

3 – Is this really to do with building yet more shops to finally destroy wour town centre, or is this an elaborate plan by South Holland District Council to redevelop the Castle Complex?

4 – Should the people of Spalding have the opportunity to decide the future of the field?