MISSING CATS: Culprit more likely a fox or a buzzard

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Regarding your story in March 21’s Spalding Guardian: “Lock up your tabbies”.

Has anyone ever tried to catch a cat that doesn’t know you in the daylight never mind the middle of the night? Not much chance, I’d say.

With the present shortage of wild rabbits and the ban on shooting birds of prey some people may be thinking that a cat burglar may be sneaking around armed with a fishing rod and line baited with a fish poached from a local river, tempting, and making off with your pet moggy.

Well the cat’s out the bag, so to speak.

A more likely culprit is Mr Fox or a hungry buzzard as both will take a cat when there is a shortage of their natural food source. They leave very little evidence behind.

Sorry to the bearer of this bad news.

Trevor Turner