Miraclulous conversion

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I read with interest in the Lincolnshire Free Press that both John Hayes MP and the conservative candidate for the post of police commissioner, Richard Davies, have called for greater police numbers in Lincolnshire.
I wonder, could this be the same MP who made so little fuss when his own government abolished the Police Rural Grant in 2011 which will lead to an eventual cut of Lincolnshire’s police force budget of £1.8 million and the loss of 40 officers? 
Is it also the same Richard Davies who was actually a member of the police authority when that decision was taken, by his own government, and failed to create uproar at such a suggestion?
There seems to have been a miraculous conversion on the road to Damascus or perhaps a conversion on the road to an election?
Lincolnshire’s police force is the worst funded in the country by a long way. Recent decisions by the Conservative government have made that even worse. 
I have brought together other rural areas and launched a campaign with counties such as Cumbria and Dorset which are also poorly funded. 
I have exploded the myth of crime being low in Lincolnshire and made public the comparisons with areas such as the affluent south east counties who have six per cent lower crime but 18 per cent more police officers per head. To add insult their grants are so generous they have a 25 per cent lower council tax. 
Perhaps Mr Hayes and Mr Davies might wish to support my campaign and sign the petition which has been launched. They can access it at www.davidbowles.org.uk or at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/39285
Let’s be clear. This has been a problem for years and none of our political parties have done anything about it. I will.

David Bowles

Independent candidate for role of police commissioner