MIDDLE EAST: Well done to people like old soldier Frank

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I’m truly glad we are not being led into another middle-east war by the USA.

Thursday’s defeat for Cameron is a triumph for public opinion that finally got through to MPs.

Well done to those like Frank Ledwidge (last week’s Spalding Guardian letters) and all those others who wrote to their MPs challenging the government’s line by voicing similar concerns.

America (the world’s bully) should now take heed; great power does not mean total power.

What possible good is it us being dragged into another war to uphold a moral position on chemical weapons? To teach Assad a lesson? What if the lesson goes unheeded? Regime change?

These questions are further complicated when we remember that there are modern weapons just as deadly and destructive as chemicals being used in Syria.

President Obama and his ‘red line’ policy on chemical weapons, in my opinion, is hypocricy. British people should be aware that all empirical evidence suggests the US will use what weapons it likes when it likes, where it likes.

For instance, the US war in Vietnam,Cambodia and Laos cratered their lands and left them poisoned with lethal chemicals.

Also, consider Bush (1) 1991. Who will ever forget the illegal slaughter of tens of thousands that occured on the 60 mile highway from Multaa, Kuwait, to Basra, Iraq, the so-called ‘Highway of Death’ according to the ‘gung ho’ western press at the time.

After Saddam Hussein announced a complete troop withdrawal; his army, plus many Kuwaiti and Palestinian civilian refugees were bombed out of existence by the US.

The horrific images of incinerated escaping Iraqi soldiers at the wheels of their vehicles indicated that US the weapons of choice were napalm, phostphorus, or other incendiary bombs, outlawed under the 1977 Geneva Protocol’s.

This massive attack slaughtered a retreating army in contravention of the articles of war.

In my opinion this outrage, far from instilling fear into the rest of the Arab world, as the US might have hoped, unleashed only a backlash of terror attacks. US foriegn policy always seems to be based on the notion that they wish to show the world they mean business!

Most of us know and understand the tragic results of that ‘business’. The legacy of Bush (2) and Tony Blair is that Afghanistan continues to endure a state of war and Iraq is in the process of experiencing total ruination.

Thursday’s vote shows that, finally, we will not act on American orders and I for one am very relieved. Syria requires a solution to its civil war fast! World leaders should forget bombing and start talking!

David Turp