Mention of defect spoilt otherwise sound comments

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I read Sport Talk because Andrew Clucas’ views are always interesting.

Like Andrew, I agree with the appointment of Roy Hodgson as England football manager because he has a solid profile as a successful manager at international and club level.

In terms of experience he is far superior to Harry Redknapp.

I, too, am appalled by The Sun newspaper headline ridiculing a perceived speech defect.

I’m also sorry that Andrew felt it necessary to give this rubbish a mention, thus spoiling his otherwise sound comments.

I remember many made such comments about Sir Alf Ramsey’s somewhat stilted Essex accent. How ridiculous.

I confidently predict the team will exceed expectations in the upcoming Euro finals.

Finally, well done to the mighty Pinchbeck United.

David Turp

Wimberley Way


EDITOR: Surely by mentioning the speech impediment again you have repeated the sin you accuse Andrew of?