Meaningful education

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LONG Sutton Peele Community College’s trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau is an outstanding example of truly meaningful education.

I do hope teacher Mark Twigge also explained that it was the British who invented the concentration camp during the second Boer war. Tens of thousands of Boers incarcerated and neglected to such an extent that most died of starvation.

What happened there and in many other places since are profound and utterly appalling events that should be mandatory teaching in all classrooms throughout the world. Not doing so only ensures that such atrocities continue to happen.

Had world leaders been exposed to such education, maybe we would have seen meaningful intervention that prevented these slaughters.

Our political leaders are most culpable, although church leaders bleating about gay marriage, ordination of women priests and other trivia rather than condemning man’s inhumanity to man, does come a close second.

Andrew MacDonald