May we grow in love for one another this year

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How many of us made New Year’s resolutions and then very quickly broke them?

We often find it hard to keep the promises that we make but promises are really important, whether they are promises to ourselves or to other people.

God made a promise in the Bible in Hebrews 13:5 when He said: “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

This promise means that when we trust God in everything, we can be sure that God will always be with us no matter what problems we face.

He won’t necessarily make the problems disappear but He will help us through them.

This is a dark time of the year, Christmas and New Year celebrations are a fading memory and the lighter and warmer days of spring are still some way off.

God sent His Son into the world to be the light of the world and to give us hope in our darker moments.

Whatever 2015 holds in store for each one of us, may we grow in love for one another and have hope for our future. God bless you.

Rev Tony Kinnersley

Pinchbeck Baptist Church