Marina will bring jobs, money and tourists

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Following last week’s article on the planned Sutton Bridge Marina, I felt it important to answer some of the questions raised about the project.

The marina was the idea of the Sutton Bridge community. The extensive research and analysis undertaken for the business plan prove it to be a very good one.

The new marina will attract many visitors to the area each year. These people will all be spending money in local shops, restaurants, pubs and on other services. Estimates suggest this will bring in an additional £200,000 to the area each year, both creating and protecting local jobs.

In addition, the project is also likely to kick-start further investment and regeneration in the area, meaning the long-term gains are likely to be even greater.

The marina is not just for the summer months. Of the 80 moorings planned, 70 are permanent moorings, in use year-round.

This means the benefits will not be limited to the tourist season.

And with work due to be completed by the end of the year, it will only be a matter of months before residents can see the fruits of the project first-hand.

Justin Brown

Head of Enterprise

Lincolnshire County