MARINA PLAN: Where will this money come from?

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You asked in your report of September 26 in the Spalding Guardian: ‘Will marina plan sink?’ I sincerely hope so!

Lincolnshire County Council is considering a compulsory purchase order – absolute madness!

There is no way the marina will produce ‘spin-off’ benefits of £200,000 a year.

There are no tourist attractions within easy walking distance of the river bank. Once again, there is currently only one pub within easy walking distance of the river.

Furthermore, most boat owners are ‘self-caterers’, in that they usually load their boat up with supplies from their favourite supermarket.

No chandlery, no pump-out facilities, no ‘lift-out’ facilities so what on earth is going to produce £200,000 a year?

The mooring fee income will be almost exclusively be taken up with wages, maintenance and other costs.

Where do they get the figure of £200,000 a year spin-off from? So I am asking the county council – stop throwing taxpayers’ good money after bad, and instruct South Holland District Council to repay the earmarked s106 funds to Sutton Bridge Parish Council, to use for the real benefit of all the residents of Sutton Bridge.

Chris Brandon-King

Sutton Bridge