MARINA PLAN: Project does not stack up

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I refer to the letter from Coun Rowe and Ms Treacher (Guardian, March 13) in response to my earlier letter.

I take this opportunity to dispel any thoughts that the many Lincolnshire County Council officers who have been involved with this project, have been “.... professional, diligent, intelligent and hardworking ....”.

Perhaps we should ask the following questions: Why didn’t they ascertain the ownership of the river before buying the pontoons?

Why has it taken them 14 years to get to this stage? Why will the vast majority of the income go to Fenland District Council? Have they provided Sutton Bridge Parish Council with the ‘revised’ business plan? Mrs Rowe is still a member of Sutton Bridge Parish Council, who should be protecting her electors.

I have no problem with her taking the opposite view about the Biomass Power Generator. However the marina project will at most, provide one part-time job, and nothing like the £200,000 per year ‘spin-off’ benefit for the village.

Whereas the people wanting to build the generator have indicated many jobs in the building phase and some 70 jobs in the future, many of which would be available to residents of Sutton Bridge.

They also promise funds for the village to use to improve facilities, for some years to come. On a purely financial comparison basis, the marina project does not stack up.

Chris Brandon-King

Sutton Bridge