MARINA PLAN: I am trying to safeguard their money

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I read with astonishment the letter from ‘directors of Nene Marine’. Do they not recall precisely that proposal a few years ago – taking part of the width of the sea defences above Wharf Street to enable parallel parking?

That idea was abandoned, thank heavens, for parking on the sea defences further north – an idea also now abandoned.

One of the directors, or all of them, must be suffering ‘short term memory loss’!

As to the biomass plant – the most recent decision of an inspector, endorsed by the Secretary of State, regarding sustainability of biofuel source has concluded that location and sustainability are NOT material matters in planning.

I could make a very good case for it being more sustainable to transport fuel by sea from Finland, for example, than by road along our clogged transport network.

Enthusiastic? No. Practical and guarding of parish money which comes from one source – the wallets, pockets and bank accounts of the residents of Sutton Bridge and Wingland? Certainly yes!

Chris Brewis

Sutton Bridge