Makes my eyes water!

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Angel almost choked on her chicken goujons while eavesdropping on a gaggle of older women at a nearby table the other lunchtime.

The three companions were obviously quite well-to-do and were discussing a recent land sale to Mr Dyson, of vacuum cleaner brand fame. Conversation inevitably turned to the pros and cons of said vacuum cleaners when one chirped up with: “Oooh, I do like a good bit of suction.” Ooo-er missus!

• Angel was alarmed to see crossing High Bridge in Spalding on Tuesday a cyclist not only riding without lights in the dark, but carrying a passenger on his front handlebars.

Lucky for them there are not too many potholes in town. It’s enough to make your eyes water!

• Out and about in the district in the earlier part of the week – when the sun was shining – Angel was struck by the beauty of the countryside, with spring flowers in bloom, horses grazing in fields and birdlife swooping across the wide expanse of sky.

She has to admit it has taken her a while to look beyond the flatness of the Fenland surrounding Spalding.

But with a little help from her new friends, she can finally throw her rose-coloured spectacles in the bin and enjoy the countryside with fresh eyes.

A tenant farmer from the Crowland area was the first to make Angel look at the area differently.

People always say you never appreciate things until you’ve lost them - but nothing could be further from the truth for a farmer who could lose his land if plans for an energy park are approved.

He agreed with Angel that a lot of people think the Fenland is too flat. But he told her: “I don’t agree. Every morning I get up and can see across the fields for miles. The sunsets and sunrises are stunning - you wouldn’t get them in the city.

“It makes me feel lucky to be alive.”

So if you ever think Angel has her head in the clouds, now you know why!

• Angel has a dilemma. Does she risk blowing her diet to celebrate National Chip Week and head down to her favourite chippy for a plate of locally grown produce? (Nicely argued). Or does she support all the dedicated slimmers in South Holland who are fighting the flab and claims the district has the highest percentage of fatties?

It’s not easy for a girl when in the space of a few weeks she’s tempted by chocolates on Valentine’s Day, chips in National Chip Week, more treats on Mother’s Day and eggs at Easter - or sooner because they have already landed on the shelves of our shops and supermarkets.

Guess she’s just going to have to learn to say no!