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Thought for the Week

As I write this thought for the week, I do so with apprehension.

About half of the previous ‘thought for the weeks’ that I have written have been criticised.

I am not afraid of criticism. I am always happy to have a discussion with anybody, but when they think they know me from just a few words, then I do find it hard, and it makes me feel as though they have missed the point I have been trying to make.

All contributors to this column only have about 200 words to get the point across, which is not always easy.

We all try to challenge, provoke thought, give hope and encouragement, drawing from our own experiences of our Christian faith.

We are not looking for everyone to agree with us, but to make people think about their own life journey, and to promote discussions.

As I reflected for this week’s ‘thought for the week’ I felt instead of getting angry I should be pleased that someone does read what I have to say, and that still in the 21st century someone writing from the basis of Christianity can still challenge people even if they don’t believe, so if there is nothing in Christianity, why bother to react?

Rev Robert Sheard

Spalding United Reformed Church