LORRY DISTURBANCE: They should use bypass

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Through your newspaper could I please highlight a problem which appears to be getting worse and to all intent and purposes is affecting people’s quality of life?

The issue exists for residents in Wardentree Lane and Church Street, Pinchbeck, where of late local large goods vehicles are intensely using the said transit routes mostly for journeys to Surfleet, Gosberton and especially Quadring where a haulage and cold store facility is based.

As most local residents will know a bypass was constructed some years ago at great expense to help both existing problems and any futuristic issues.

We now have a situation where local hauliers are giving scant regard to the wellbeing of peoples lives etc by ignoring a route which may take a few minutes longer and driving in close proximity by people’s dwellings, causing vibration, noise and disturbance 24/7 and 52 weeks a year.

Surely as local operators there should be some moral responsibility to minimise the type of disturbance being encountered?

Could I urge any readers of your columns to make contact with both their local council (District/County) and even our very pro-active elected member of Parliament and even the hauliers themselves with a view to attempting to get some action on this matter – failure to do so will only give credence to more disturbance and so on.

People are welcome to ring me with any views and thoughts they may have: 01775 769763.

Reuben H Holmes