LORRY DISTURBANCE: Remove island and repair road

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I refer to the article by Reuben Holmes and agree with everything he says about the increasing volume of goods vehicles travelling through Pinchbeck towards Surfleet and vice versa.

This morning I followed an HGV which had come through Surfleet and travelled through Pinchbeck before turning into Wardentree Lane.

It begs the question as to why this vehicle had not used the bypass. To reduce their journey by two miles and save a couple of minutes presumably.

Or perhaps they enjoy driving through the subsidence in the road at the junction of Milestone Lane and Herdgate Lane which is an accident waiting to happen.

This hole in the road has been getting worse since last year when I first reported it to the Highways department. They have erected two “ramp” signs which are achieving nothing other than possibly covering their backs.

The hazard is approximately 25 yards from my bungalow and lying in bed at night and hearing HGVs thundering through this hole is a frightening experience.

There is also the question of the state of the road on the church corner. This is a

disgrace and every HGV that passes over it is making it worse.

The people who campaigned to put that ridiculous mini island there must be very

proud of themselves. Please can they do the decent thing, get it removed and the road repaired to an acceptable level.

Colin Clow

Milestone Lane