LOCAL SLANG: I’m a yellabelly and proud of it

Kate Chapman ANL-150428-140313001
Kate Chapman ANL-150428-140313001
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I really enjoyed your article about what makes a Lincolnshire yellabelly, being a proud yellabelly myself. So I thought I’d throw in what I thought you missed out.

Firstly, we are yellabellies or yellerbellies. Not yellowbellies.

A yellabelly says “Now then”

We certainly do not greet people with “Ay up mi duck” which has to be a Derbyshire greeting. A yellabelly says “Now then.”

We also have a great selection of Lincolnshire cheeses. And you’re a proud yellabelly if you know our history, such as being home to the Damnbusters and the RAF Red Arrows.

Alan Stennett’s book Nobbut a Yellerbelly is a great insight into Lincolnshire dialect and well worth a read. The Lincolnshire Life museum pays homage to our history, which featured, upon my last visit, a great exhibition on the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment.