LOCAL SHOPS: Support them or lose our town

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I found last week’s front page report in the Spalding Guardian interesting and agree with the views of Chamber of Commerce president Phil Scarlett, who is urging people to buy more from local shops and carry out less Internet shopping.

But I am sure that most of the community of Spalding have been supporting the local outlets for years as we all know that what we buy is a quality product. Whether it is 
clothing or food we all know where our best retailer is in Spalding.

There are shops in our High Street that have been established for years, where unlike Internet shopping you can feel the quality of the cloth, try the garment on and judge it for size, then look in a mirror and see if it is really for you.

Again with food, I try to support our market traders for fruit and vegetables. Here again you can see what you are buying and even smell the freshness of the items.

Also, our great traditional butchers en route to town and in the High Street need our support.

Also we have our Eastern European outlets, supported by Spalding’s migrant population, which is only natural for them, but we have to get the right balance here for the rest of the town.

Too much of one thing or the other will have an effect on other traders that have been trading for years. For example, we used to have a proper off-licence in town – now it’s just called cheap booze. Oh dear, it’s not the same standard is it?

Finally we have our supermarkets who provide employment for many local people.

I feel we have the right balance in the town and that should be left that way. To have another big chain in the town centre would cause concern for the independent traders and the balance would not be a fair one.

We are in recession and Spalding is coping better than other towns. I would rather see a retail unit trading than an empty building, so support them and keep them trading. If the community stops caring we will not only lose our independent shops, but will lose our market town that we are all so very proud of.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road