Litter-strewn streets and staggering drunks

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Spalding is turning into a ghost town because of some of the migrants drinking on our streets at all hours of the day and night, being very loud and boisterous.

It is no pleasure going into town now. Our police were meant to have tackled this problem but haven’t.

And the lack of shops selling quality goods is a joke.

Why would anyone want to visit this town now with litter-strewn streets and drunks staggering around?

This town was once voted the best kept, but the way it is now it’s never going to get that title again.

I was born here and if I had to compare it to how it was years ago I would say now it is a tip.

It’s not the just town but the surrounding areas. Our rivers and banks were a pleasure to walk around but again not any more.

Order needs to be bought to the town again and adhered to by the English and the immigrants.

Neil Bingham