LITTER: No pride with people like this

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I have just stood and watched a young couple with a pram, stand and drink from a bottle. When the bottle was empty they just flung it onto the water board property near my house (in Winsover Road). Incidently it was brandy.

I recently contacted Anglian Water Authority asking if they would consider cleaning the property up and maybe adding some gates and some gravel. The following day they arrived and cleared all the litter and asked someone to assess the land with a view to some work being done to tidy it up.

We have put weedkiller on the land and painted the fencing on three sides of it ourselves. But people like this make me wonder why we bother? The lady looked all round to see if she was being watched before she threw the bottle – why didn’t she just take it home and bin it?

We frequently find little bags of dog poo thrown on there too – why go to all the trouble of picking it up only to throw it somwwhere else?

It beggars belief, and don’t even get me started about people throwing down cigarette butts everywhere.

Whilst I applaud people’s efforts to clean Spalding up, we are never going to make our town something to be proud of with people like this about.

Teresa Cook