LITTER: More like walking through a tip

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I walk on the footbridge over the railway from Park Road leading to town (Spalding) almost daily and it is a disgrace with broken beer bottles, beer cans, pizza boxs etc littering both sides of the bridge and on it.

Many school children also use this bridge to go to school but are not the cause of the litter – adults that should know better are.

It seems the people of Spalding don’t care anymore and need shocking into putting their litter in the bins provided.

If they can afford beer they can afford the huge fines that should be handed out and payment enforced when they drop litter.

This is just one area that needs addressing. Park Road itself has a lot of litter, mainly beer cans and bottles, again just casually thrown away when empty.

As for the school children walking over this bridge – what kind of message is it giving them... that it’s okay to just throw your litter away?

What will the town look like five years from now if this is not addressed?

Can the council and Spalding Police come up with a plan to combat littering and strongly punish those responsible for this sort of behaviour?

This used to be a clean and pleasant town to walk around – now it’s more like walking through a rubbish tip.

Neil Bingham