LIBRARY: He told me it would be open longer

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I have just picked up the Holbeach Library opening times from May 6 of this year.

We now have just four half day openings, and the library closed the rest of the time. It is not even open on Thursdays, which is the busiest day of the week in Holbeach. Prior to this we had one day closure, three full days, two half days. Thursday was of course, open all day.

County Councillor Worth (because he certainly does not represent the district) assured me in writing that the Holbeach Library would be open for a longer period of time as a result of his proposals.

So much for his assurances.

As a councillor who is supposed to represent Holbeach, all I hope is that when it comes to the ballot box, the local residents vote for somebody who will actually look after Holbeach, first and foremost.

Let’s get him off the county council at the next election. He may then have some interest in local issues for a couple of years, before voting him off the district council at the next election, two years after.

Stephen Whatley

Fakenham Chase