LIBRARY CLOSURES: We know we are being short changed

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Coun Nick Worth suggested that we wanted ‘a public hanging’ at the so called consultation meeting.

Not so councillor, what we wanted was a fair trail! Lincolnshire County Council is not holding a consultation process – it is holding a public tender for volunteers to run the library service.

And what if they do but in the future decide that it is too big a job to run a library that caters for a catchment area of 18,000 in the Deepings and surrounds and give up on it, then we will have no library at all.

If this had been a proper consultation and the people had been asked for ways to save money and enhance services, then I know that there would have had a myriad of ideas. But history tells us that the people of the Deepings know when they are being short changed and react accordingly – now is one of those moments!

Coun Judy Stevens

South Kesteven District

Council and Deeping St James Parish Council