LIBRARY CLOSURES: Looking for ways to pass off costs

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It appears that Lincolnshire County Council and executive councillor (culture), Nick Worth, are on dodgy legal grounds in attempting to close any Lincolnshire library.

According to the Guardian newspaper report of January 24, 2012, Somerset council had its library restructuring plans quashed in the high court after having spent more than £70,000 fighting a judicial review of the decision.

The review at the high court in November decided it was unlawful for the county council to withdraw funding for 11 libraries because the cuts did not comply with “public sector equality duties” owed to vulnerable social groups....”

I suspect the county council has done its due diligence and is well aware of its legal position and the current so-called library services review ‘consultation’ is instead simply attempting to find ways of passing off the library services costs to other institutions.

Jo Larrington