LIBRARIES: Represent the people who put you there

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FAO: Nick Worth. Forgive me but I was under the impression that you were the elected representative for Holbeach. Your responsibility as such is surely to represent the best interests of the residents of Holbeach?

Imagine my amazement when I notice that our library has been placed in the category of ‘tier three’ and not a word from you of support for keeping it as ‘tier 1’.

I note that Long Sutton, with a smaller population, is ‘tier 1’ (and they have a skateboard park).

Maybe if you could step back from your county council ambitions and actually represent the people who put you there, Holbeach may then have some support within the council.

Amazing that cuts always fall on easy targets, instead of the bloated offices in which you work and the executive officers with eye watering rates of pay.

A consultation on a done deal. It is little wonder that the majority of Holbeach did not vote for you at the last election. Never mind a protest vote, I believe they wanted a councillor who does more than scribble a few notes in a monthly magazine, but actually would stand up for Holbeach and its residents.

Here is a question: What percentage of each population of the various libraries throughout your tiers use each of the libraries and its facilities?

Or is this this whole disgraceful closure programme to be unleashed on the districts, with all the main towns who have all the other facilities not affected yet again by your austerity measures? It’ s called centralisation.

Eric Pickles (secretary of state for local government), no less, criticised Labour councils for closing libraries and swimming pools as political posturing.

Your enthusiasm of some local community to take over the local library as a ‘business case’ speaks volumes. If it is that good a deal, let’s do it at Lincoln, Boston, Spalding and of course Long Sutton!

Stephen Whatley